Since 2014, I have lead an international network of graduate and undergraduate students in the HASTAC Scholars network, together with co-directors Fiona Barnett (2014–16) and Allison Guess (2016). Over two hundred HASTAC Scholars (80% graduate students, 20% undergraduates) are nominated by their institutions each year and contribute with blog posts, Twitter chats, networked events, and other activities. I manage the Drupal website, manage the social network and community of the Scholars, and collaborate with ongoing director and the HASTAC Scholars. It has put to work my skills in Internet, programming, project management, and communication, and also made me learn how to wrangle many people virtually from an idea to collective implementation of the idea online. My interest in design and visualization have been highly useful in this position.

Selected Blog Posts

DH Toolbox

Patrik Svensson on the Role of Public Education and the Future of Digital Scholarship

Selected Projects

Digital Collections — webinars, forums, blog collaborations (lead)

Interview Project (lead)

The Pedagogy Project —collected inspirational blog posts (collaborator)

Feminist Scholars Digital Workshop (collaborator)


“Art and Science of Digital Humanities” (Annual conference, 2015)

“Impact: Variation, Innovation, Action” (Annual conference, 2016)

“The Possible Worlds of Digital Humanities” (Annual conference, 2017)